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I had never heard of the practice called circular dancing, until one day my dear friend Audrey Giron, invited me to participate in the beautiful and welcoming space where she led the circular dance to a group of women and some, like me, were dancing for the first time while the other that had danced before and would only talk about the many benefits of said practice.

This activity, for me, is a meditation in movement, because after she taught us the steps and we held hands in a circular form, the beautiful and special music started and we began to dance, and soon enough I was forgetting any past sorrows or problems that I had. When we were finished I felt happiness and peace instantly within every one of the dances we did that day.

The environment that forms there is so special and positive that instantly I wished to return. Audrey’s guidance is so marvellous and her character within itself transmits a sense of peace that is admirable.

The group obtains a beautiful sense of empathy and that makes it very pleasant to stay there, even after dancing.

I recommend everyone to practice this type of meditation.

– Margarita Goncer de Soler

What is reiki for me? In a nutshell reiki is an activity that some of us have the opportunity to experience to relax our soul and our spirit, is a different kind of massage we can received to help us find inner peace.

One of the reason I started receiving reiki 2 years ago was because I was having major sleeping problems, I told Audrey about this problem and she recommended me to do one session of reiki, After further discussion she told me the worst that could happen is that I would get to sleep 1 hour in the afternoon. Luckily I made the decision to do my first session of many, even though I thought to myself that there was nothing in this world that would put me to sleep in less than an hour because I had tried almost everything already.
Everyone has different experiences but my personal experience receiving reiki was that I got to feel different energies which to me those energies are inexplicable but they sent me to sleep while I was receiving my first session.

Today I can say that reiki is one of the major reasons I feel more energetic and relaxed during the day and I can go to sleep at night. If you have the opportunity to receive reiki with Audrey don’t let it pass.

– Cristobal Valero

I can’t be more grateful for the opportunity that I had years ago to participate on a circular dance and healing with sounds with Audrey Giron Arenas.

To be honest I was not sure what was all about, but when we started with the circular dance and everybody was following the steps it came really easy to connect and feel the energy. I can’t express the feeling that you can experience when you participate because you need to have your own experience, if you ask me if is recommended of course it is, since my first time, I try to participate as much as I can, unfortunately she is so far away from me, I live in NC but at least twice a year I can meet with her and do it.

Thank you Audrey for all you do.

– Ana Maria Salazar

Dear Audrey:

Meeting you and doing the laughter yoga, the healing sounds exercise, the circular dance, and every other positive activity that you exposed me to has been a wonderful, life changing experience for me. You gave me permission to take care of myself which I desperately needed to do. I feel invigorated, enthusiastic, happy, less stressed, appreciative, and grateful. You are a selfless individual who significantly enhances the lives of other breast cancer survivors. Thank you so much.


– Sherri Boyce

I first learned about Reiki several years ago but was very skeptical about it until 2011, when my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer metastasized to the bones and decided to try Reiki. During that time, I remember my father saying that Reiki provided him with the energy and emotional relieve to continue his fight against cancer.

In late 2014 I was going through emotional distress and anxiety over everyday problems and worries; at that time my Mom and Dad recommended Reiki, so I started reading about it and finally decided to give it a try. I was amazed on how relaxed I felt during and after each session, 45 – 60 min each, my sleep pattern improved and anxiety began to disappear each and everyday, which allowed me to focus a lot better in my goals and to confront life challenges. Nowadays, I continue to receive Reiki, 2-4 sessions every so often; this is a way to recharge my body and mind. Highly recommended, not only for people with physical illness but to anyone who wants to experience true natural healing of the soul and mind.


– Pedro P. Arenas

Reiki is a loving healing energy. I have experienced it for over 20 years, both giving and receiving it. The benefits from it are numerous. It is hard to describe the feeling of this calm, relaxing, yet rejuvenating, energy. I feel Blessed to have had the opportunity to receive Reiki from Audrey on numerous occasions. The best way I can describe her energy is that it feels like angels are wrapping their wings around you with much love and peacefulness.

Love and Light,

– Connie Blair

I had the opportunity to participate in two different activities conducted by Audrey Giron and I can not say which one was more amazing from my point of view.

The circular dance with easy steps to follow it’s a joy to share with the breast cancer survivors. It’s fun and makes you feel part of a extended family, that is the connection that Audrey helps to create when we follow her steps at the rhythm of the beautiful music that she uses for this activity.

Healing sounds it’s something completely different. The different instruments that Audrey used make me completely relaxed, not to the point of falling asleep, it was like a meditation with all of it’s benefits. At the end of the session the feeling of well-being was absolute. Afterwards I slept like a baby. Yay!

Do I recommend Audrey Giron? Yes! Yes! Yes!

– Aurora Alfaro

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