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The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj that means “union of the mind, body and spirit”. The fundamental reason that Dr. Kataria had to call this technique laughter yoga is due to the incorporation of the pranayana exercises (breathing techniques) to the laughter exercises. Pranayana has been used for over four thousand years for the benefit of the body, the mind, and the emotions.

How did I become involved with Laughter Yoga?

Reading a little about this routine I became motivated and interested, so much that I decided to certify myself as a leader of laughter yoga. I am convinced that laughter is medicine for the soul, the body and the heart. Laughter is union and it connects us with our inner being and the rest of the world. When we laugh our spontaneous and playful inner child becomes present, making us feel light, amused, content, and full of energy, joy and will to live. 
Now I come, the one that joined this beautiful project, following my sister’s path and animated to try each discovery that she has done.

Not only I but all the family, we have felt the satisfactions of yoga, reiki and meditation. In my personal opinion it has been a blessing to have my sister and teaching me each one to of these tools, showing me how wonderful it is being able to change the mood with just one practice of yoga, or to tranquilize the mind with meditation and deep breathing; or even more, the blessing of being able to feel the energy of the universe through reiki, inexplicable sensations that have helped me to have a balance between my professional life and my personal life.

Today I am able to say that we are energy, that as we handle our mind, our body will be handled and vice versa; if our body is happy because it dances or because it laughs, then our mind will also be so, and thus triggering multiple benefits of well-being. We are there what we thing and there goes our energy. And with this motivation I became involved in laughter yoga.

The Story of Two Sisters

We are teacher and leader of Laughing Yoga School certified by Dr Madan Kataria.

Lawyer and Accountant, educated within a family where we saw our mother work every day a personal improvement, with dedication, love and effort. She left us the legacy of knowing that yoga, reiki, the meditation and all of these self-help practices help us improve as human beings. Due to this and our personal experiences we know and recognize the importance of these practices that help in the balance of the physical, mental and emotional body.

Although we lived in different cities, we had a common goal, whenever we visited each other, we informally planned our dream of integrating all the simple and rewarding therapies and routines that we have learned and that of course have captivated, helped us and that have made it possible for us to work together today, to form an unconditional team to help us and help our community,… our family, our friends, each one of you… With this search it was born “THAT’S HOW LAUGH in laughter yoga” where we develop feelings of happiness, friendship, tolerance, empathy, generosity and unconditional love that is summarized in a better quality of life, good humor, better attitude to face the problems and benefits in health, besides, it is very pleasant to laugh till you drop.


Relieves Stress (reduce adrenalin and cortisone)
Reduces anxiety, fear and depression
Enhances the immune system
Natural pain killer
Activates circulation
Controls high blood pressure
Makes you feel good (more outgoing and cheerful person)
Encourage Relaxation
Is a powerful tool in the battle against many mental and physical diseases
Is anti-aging


If you want to make a connection with someone, give them your laughter

– Audrey G

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