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Circular Dance is the expansion of the spirit and our consciousness, through the dance we connect with our inner being and with everything that surrounds us.

The dance is performed in a circle with hands held, gyrating around a center that symbolizes the sun, unity, empathy, and happiness, creating an environment where one can confidently express any feeling or emotion.

When we dance we feel ourselves supported, protected and relaxed, we let ourselves be guided by the simple steps of each song, which are sometimes types of mantras that give us the opportunity  to be in the now.

The circular dance helps alleviate any daily tension, soothing any problems and negative energies of your day to day life in order to give space to the idea of enjoyment, harmony and balance. When you practice circular dancing you live in the present. There is no space for thoughts about the past or the future, all your attention is focused on the music and the steps. It is focused in your heart experimenting this new sensation of balance that produces this entire combination to a physical, mental, and spiritual level. In that precise instant it is you that creates the moment to feel happiness, hope, and compassion.


Movement and mobility
Happiness and relaxation
Awareness and healing

You don’t need to be a dancer or have special skills.
Beginners are always welcome!

It is not the rhythm or the steps that made the dance but the passion that goes in the souls of those who dance

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