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Audrey Giron

My name is Audrey Giron. I’m from Caracas Venezuela. I’m a teacher and leader of Laughing Yoga School certified by Dr Madan Kataria. I’m a lawyer, Director of integrative Therapy for the retreats of Lotus Survival Foundation, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Instructor of Hatha Yoga, facilitator of Circular Dance and Healing Sounds.

I have been working with some of those healing therapies for more than ten years. The dynamics that I promotes become a form of healing and a means of giving and receiving happiness. I have witnessed that these dynamics are so effective in helping emotional pain.

Healing Dharma

Healing Dharma is the name that I’ve chose for my page because after two very challenging events in my life fighting cancer, I discovered my true life calling, my Dharma. This is especially true after my last illness in 2007, breast cancer, from which I gratefully recovered and which motivated me to reach out and help others who are trying to heal after a tragic or challenging even in their lives.

This is work that I‘ve been doing for the past 10 years with a lot of love and dedication, and firsthand knowledge that these healing tools work.

Since my recovery, I have tried to help others in their different healing process by trying different healing dynamics such as Yoga, Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Circular Dance, Meditation as well as Healing Sounds, all of which were very important to me in my recovery.

These are all tools that have proved to contribute to a greater recovery helping to attain a better emotional, physical, and mental balance.

My work is guided toward people of all different ages – children, senior, citizens and young men or women in distress, people who may be sick or going through a traumatic experience in their lives such as divorce, depression, grief etc

The activities that I promote thorough my lotus Survival Retreats and my laughing Yoga become a form of healing and a means of giving and receiving happiness. They also provide focus to reconnect with our physical, mental and spiritual body through dancing, laughter and relaxation which are so effective in helping to relieve emotional pain. In working with groups with elderly people and cancer survivors, for example, I have witnessed the transformation of fear, loneliness and sadness into that of hope, happiness and laughter.

I also have no doubt about the important role that FAITH, the power of intention, a positive outlook towards life and positive train of mind play in the healing process and how greatly they influence a person’s life.

There are all healing tools that refer to the general meaning of dharma, the moral law that combined with spiritual discipline guides our lives. It is the universal laws consisting of truthfulness, non injury and generosity among other virtues, whose observance enables us humans to be contented and happy, and to be saved from degradation and suffering.

Outer peace is impossible without inner peace. Therefore, the ideas to integrate these into our daily lives to establish peace within our minds, and we can attain this by training in spiritual paths that will help to make outer peace flow naturally.

If you would like to have more information regarding theses healing modalities, the next pages will give you a short summary of each of them, and you we“ll be able to see which one is better geared to your own lifestyle and needs.

You will also be able to find testimonials that show how these dynamics have been successful in benefitting and positively impacting those who have practice them.

Phrases to Remember

Accept Love
Give the best of yourself
Have Fun
Make sure you are in Control of your Life

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